The Millennial Ecologist: Who are we?

Living in the age of the Anthropocene, Capitalocene, or the multiplicity of other terms – one thing is clear: we have entered an entirely new era, defined by our relationships in the world. Industrial anthropocentrism has been dashed on the rocks of ecology, with the destructive consequences mounting like bodies on a medieval battlefield.

So as the world turns on its stumbling axis, we come increasingly face-to-face with the realities: only twelve years to turn around the irreversibly brutal effects of anthropogenic climate change, an annihilation of biodiversity outstripping that of the dinosaurs, and micro-plastics now marauding around desolate areas of the Arctic.

Whilst staring into this ecological abyss, deepened by an unrelenting thirst for exploitative consumer-capitalism, it is difficult to not despair. Plastic, plastic everywhere and not a drop to drink.

But working hard on the fringes of industrial-consumer society, there is hope. To tackle the unfolding catastrophes of the eco-crisis (and the socio-political systems that cause them) the culture of despair must be consigned to the dusty shelves of our new era – with pragmatic and possible solutions in its place.

So this is what The Millennial Ecologist is about. A place for critical thought, discussion, news, artwork and more that deals with the crisis through a determined, ecocentric lens. Species equality with a systemic focus? Yes please.

Created by and focusing on the younger generation, who will disproportionately bear the vicious brunt of environmental collapse, we use the often disparaging term Millennial – in the hope to recapture it for positive purposes.

We stand unashamedly arm-in-arm with the likes of Youth Strike 4 Climate, Extinction Rebellion and others, who view our current democratic institutions as insufficient in dealing with the crisis. The Millennial Ecologist offers itself as a critical resource for this perspective, pushing for ecocentric change and reform as we write.

So if you like the sound of this, then keep an eye out for future content on here or follow our Twitter and Instagram pages. And if you’d like to submit, visit our About page.

The Millennial Ecologist

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