Derailing HS2’s Ecological Train Robbery

Against a tide of urban expansion, the UK grows ever devoid of ancient forests in comparison with the majority of mainland Europe. Although consequences are forming to a many-headed hydra of ecological disaster - such as a shameful 56% decline in wild species, and air pollution now declared a ‘public health emergency’ in the UK … Continue reading Derailing HS2’s Ecological Train Robbery

Apple’s Earth Day Campaign is a Toxic Contradiction

Snow-capped peaks in the Colorado Rockies, the burning gaze of an African elephant, and a hippo sinking beneath murky waters. What do all these scenes have in common? Not just that they're all threatened by climate change - but Earth shot on iPhone, apparently.So what better way to celebrate Earth Day than a short film … Continue reading Apple’s Earth Day Campaign is a Toxic Contradiction

The Millennial Ecologist: Who are we?

Living in the age of the Anthropocene, Capitalocene, or the multiplicity of other terms - one thing is clear: we have entered an entirely new era, defined by our relationships in the world. Industrial anthropocentrism has been dashed on the rocks of ecology, with the destructive consequences mounting like bodies on a medieval battlefield.So as … Continue reading The Millennial Ecologist: Who are we?